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Are you searching for a used embroidery sewing machine? Machine embroidery is an ideal way to express your creativity... turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with your unique stamp. While hand embroidery has been used for ages, machine power can't be beat for quick and easy. And the possibilities with the machines today are truly unlimited.

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576cm Pure hand Cross Stitch Embroidery Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival
576cm Pure hand Cross Stitch Embroidery Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival
Paypal   US $250,000.00

What will you embroider?

Home decorating projects are ideal candidates... table linens and bedding for example. You can even transform towels into elegant accessories for the bath. The list goes on with various clothing, tote bags, and quilted items. Just about anything you can imagine in fabric can benefit from embroidery.

When choosing materials for your project, keep these tips in mind:

Machine: Keep your machine properly maintained, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure that the needle and bobbin tensions are correctly set.

Thread: There is a wide choice of enticing threads. Some people insist on using cotton thread only. Yet others use a variety of threads to their advantage. Size 40 or 50 weight embroidery thread is a good start. But go ahead and experiment to find what works best for your particular fabric and project.

Needles: Match the size of your needle to your thread. Thread must easily slip through the eye. Size 11 is the most commonly used needle. For knits select a ballpoint needle.

Fabric: Choose a tightly woven fabric for optimum results. Avoid permanent press as it tends to pucker. For lightweight fabrics and knits, use a backing.

Backings: While paper backing is sometimes used, better options include tearaways, cutaways, and sticky backings. Then there are the magical disappearing options such as burnaways, meltaways, and washaways.

Hoops: Machine embroidery hoops are usually 6-inch (15-cm) or 8-inch (20-cm). They are available in plastic, metal, and wood. An extension piece will protect your machine from accidentally scratching the surface.

The creative choices are endless!